Watch WWE SmackDown 05-21-2019

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Watch WWE SmackDown 05-21-2019

When you are watching the wrestling then the chances are that you will be paying the money for that. This is the reason you keep on searching for the platform which can provide you the facility to Watch WWE SmackDown 05-21-2019. Or any other wrestling match in which you are interested and that also LIVE. You might be able to find various platforms or websites which claim that they will show you LIVE and free wrestling matches. But this is not the case as you might have to pay for it somehow or do some tasks.

Watch WWE SmackDown 05-21-2019 preview

Here is the list of things that you can expect to happen in the SmackDown LIVE.

Welcome back celebration for the Big E

After spending a month on the shelf because of the knee injury Big E is returning to the SmackDown LIVE. And he cannot be happier as the WWE champion Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are throwing a welcome party for him. You do not want to miss the Welcome Party. You can know what they have planned for their friend by Watching WWE SmackDown 05-21-2019.

What will WWE SmackDown Champion Bayley have to say in her exclusive interview?

Bayley was able to stun everyone by winning the WWE Money in the Bank ladder match by defeating the Charlotte Flair. And after that in a few moments, she was able to win the WWE Women’s Championship. Now as she is on the top of the blue band it will be interesting to see what she has to say. For that, you have to Watch WWE SmackDown 05-21-2019.

Roman Reign and Elias will be clashing in WWE Money in the Bank rematch

Elias did smash a guitar over the back of the Roman Reign before their match on Sunday, he would not let the crooner escape WWE Money in the bank unpunished. The big Dog floored the Elias with a superman punch on the entrance and followed up with the ring rattling victory. However, the score is far from settled as they will be fighting again in the SmackDown LIVE. It will be interesting to see who is going to be emerged victorious in the coming match.

Who is going to bring the 24/7 Championship to the SmackDown LIVE?

The 24/7 championship is something one of a kind. As a person can claim the title by defeating the champion in the presence of the officials. R-Truth was able to get the title and was able to escape with it. But it will be interesting to watch if he will be able to bring the title with him to SmackDown LIVE.

Is Daniel Bryan tag team revolution going to continue?

Daniel Bryan promise to bring the revolution to the tag team matches hit the bump when he and Rowan lost in the WWE Money in the Bank. But after the match in the interview, he said that he is going to reevaluate his revolution. So it will be interesting to see what will happen in the coming SmackDown LIVE.

WWE SmackDown Online

Yes, you have been thinking right as you will be able to watch WWE SmackDown LIVE online on this platform. And the best part is that there is no need for you to pay any money. All that will be required from your side is the stay tuned on this platform.

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