Watch WWE SmackDown 04-09-2019

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Watch WWE SmackDown 04-09-2019

Wrestling fans keep on searching for the events that can happen next in the upcoming matches. But their search is over. As you are going to get all the information need to know about the upcoming matches. If you are interested then you can watch WWE SmackDown 04-09-2019 online on this platform for free. Yes, you read it right you will be getting the chance that no one gets easier.

On this website, you not only get the chance to watch WWE SmackDown 04-09-2019 live for free but also other episodes. So if you are interested then all you need to do is visit the website when the matches are about to happen. Even now you might be thinking about the events that can happen in today’s WWE SmackDown LIVE.

WWE SmackDown 04-09-2019 Preview

Here are some of the events that you can expect in the coming WWE SmackDown 04-09-2019 LIVE:

The celebration of Kofi Kingston’s WWE Championship continues

After the hard work of over the decade, Kofi Kingston was able to make out the most from the opportunity given to him on WrestleMania. He was able to defeat Daniel Bryan to become WWE Champion in his first ever one-on-one chance for the title.

While Sunday was the day for the celebration for his family and now it is expected that the celebration will continue. His friend Big E and Xavier Woods will be conducting the party at tonight’s WWE SmackDown event. What they have planned for the new WWE Champion? For that Watch WWE SmackDown 04-09-2019.

The Usos and Hardy Boyz will square off for the SmackDown Tag Team titles

Jimmy and Jey Uso were able to emerge victorious from the frantic fatal 4-way match at the WrestleMania. They were able to keep their SmackDown tag team championship. But now they will not get the chance to rest as they have put their title on the line against the Hardy Boyz.

Whereas the Hardy Boyz has made clear that they are looking to become the best tag team of space and time. Will they be able to win the title and prove themselves or not. Let’s watch WWE SmackDown 04-09-2019 LIVE see what will happen.

Will the Miz bounce back after crushing loss to Shane McMahon?

Shane McMahon put his hand on the Miz’s father on Sunday at the WrestleMania, sending the A-Lister into a rage. This brought their Falls Count anywhere match all around MetLife Stadium.

But the Miz’s fury was the reason which cost him. There is no doubt about that the Miz was crushed when he was defeated by the McMahon. Now, will he be able to rebound from this defeat or not?

Will the target on the Becky Lynch get even bigger?

Becky may be able to get all the glory from the WrestleMania match. But now she might have learned that being a champion of two brands can be difficult.

Last night when the RAW and SmackDown Women’s Champion on Monday night RAW to celebrate her victory. But she was interrupted after her celebratory speech. As Lacey Evans arrived and decked the Lynch with her patented Woman’s right punch. Will the member of the Team Blue will follow the footsteps of the Evans and target the Man?

Watch WWE SmackDown LIVE

Yes, you will be able to watch all this on this platform live and that also for free. So if you are interested to watch WWE SmackDown LIVE then all you need to do is stay tuned. You will be having the experience as if you are watching the SmackDown LIVE on the official website.

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