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Fans of the wrestling will be able to Watch WWE SmackDown 03/05/2019 live straight from the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. If you are one of them then here is the chance for you to watch it live. With the unforeseen surprises here are some of the events you can expect in the coming WWE SmackDown Live.

WWE SmackDown 03/05/2019 Preview

As the Fastlane (biggest wrestling carnival) is about to arrive there are various storylines are in play. Here are some of the events you can expect in the coming WWE SmackDown Live 03/05/2019:

Another United States Championship Open Challenge by R-truth

In the past week, R-Truth took on both the Rey Mysterio and Andrade all by himself when they answered his United States Championship Open Challenge. This was quite an interesting match. And R-Truth was able to win it when both the rivals are focused on each other. R-Truth was able to retain his title by rolling up the Mysterio.

Tonight it is expected that he will issue another challenge for his star-spangled title. Let’s wait and watch who will answer his call?

The Miz Vs. Jey Uso

There are just five nights are remaining before the SmackDown tag-Team Championship rematch at the WWE Fastlane. You will be able to watch the one-on-one battle between The Miz and Jey Uso with the momentum hanging in balance.

Usos thinks that the A-Lister is a joke and Shan McMahon should look for another tag team partner. But he clearly disagrees with him and made a rematch for the Fastlane in the hometown of The Miz, Cleveland.

Will the Awesome One be able to prove himself and gain the momentum while heading toward the huge title match? Watch WWE SmackDown Live know about this.

Kevin Owens Momentum

WWE Universe was shocked when Mr. McMahon replaced the Kofi Kingston in the WWE Championship match at the WWE Fastlane with the return of the Kevin Owens. Later that night there was a team up of KO and Kingston and gave a thunderous stunner by pinning down the WWE Champion Daniel Bryan.

With the remaining nights of the title, showdown let’s see what KO will do to get the upper hand on the Bryan all on WWE SmackDown Live.

Will Hardy Boyz become the greatest tag team?

After almost two years Matt and Jeff Hardy formed the tag team in which they defeated The Bar. After that, they gave an interview which said that they have formed the tag team again. This time they will prove that they are the greatest tag team ever in time and space.

Will they be able to prove that by continuing their journey or not? Let’s see where their quest leads them next? For all the action stay tuned and watches the live action.

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