Watch WWE Raw Online 09-02-2019

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Watch WWE Raw Online o9-02-2019

Wrestling has been one of the best options for entertainment. But the problem with it is the charges that you have to pay to watch the episode. This can end now as you will be able to Watch WWE RAW Online o9-02-2019 online on this platform. And the best part is. There is no need for the user to pay any money, view advertisements or perform any task. You will be able to watch WWE RAW or any other wrestling match for free on this platform.

Watch WWE Raw Online Preview

The 2019 Watch WWE Online King of the Ring tournament rolls with just two must-see quarterfinal games with this week’s Raw. Additionally, Rey Mysterio returns to action after opting to postpone his retirement. Additionally, Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman keep their odd saga, and Sasha Banks appears to keep her warpath within an all-new Watch Raw.

Watch WWE Raw Preview Quick Hits

  • Could Ricochet replicate History King of The Ring quarterfinals?
  • Cedric faces Corbin but there is a hard difficulty
  • Sasha Banks Statements
  • Rey Mysterio yields to raw
  • Monday Night Raw Interesting night for Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman

Could Ricochet replicate History King of The Ring quarterfinals?

The Initial genuine shocker of This King of the Ring tournament came Monday when Ricochet ousted Drew McIntyre in the Round of 16 to place himself on a collision course with Samoa Joe at the quarterfinals. On paper, Joe has the momentum he’s coming to some brawling, the first-round triumph over Cesaro and the strength benefit, but Ricochet has something else on his side: The high-flyer defeated Joe at WWE Stomping Grounds to win the United States Championship not too long ago. With Ricochet looking to repeat history and Joe trying to rewrite it, that one will only return to which Superstar needs it more. So who’s it going to be?

Cedric faces Corbin but there is a hard difficulty

Perennial underdog Cedric Alexander was making a name for himself within the past couple of weeks, making strikes against Drew McIntyre and Cesaro in addition to a fast} defeat of Sami Zayn which delivered the prior WWE Cruiserweight Champion into the next round of the King of the Ring tournament.

Even a quarterfinal bout against the coming and surging Baron Corbin should provide Alexander sample chance to cement himself as a celebrity, but one question mark lingers within the game.

A leg which took a complete thumping during Cedric’s victory over Cesaro a week and is guaranteed to be a significant goal for the guy who’s calling himself King Corbin. Alexander should not be counted out, but confronting a healthy, inspired Corbin.

Sasha Banks Statements

Upon her return a couple of weeks before, Sasha Banks made it crystal clear that she needs people to be speaking about her, also for reasons besides anything exemplary tears she shed at a New Jersey locker space.

The Man has stayed uncharacteristically remote so much, lobbing insults from afar when accepting credit for Sasha’s revived significance. A challenger is simply as great as her champion, after all.

She might have a point, however, Lynch ought to know better than anybody that getting the interest of the audience is the initial measure to domination.

Sasha will come knocking on her door, and Becky has to be prepared to see if she would like to control the storyline the way she’s all year.

Rey Mysterio Yields To Raw

Fourteen days after his son Dominick pulled him by the brink of retirement. Rey Mysterio will go back to Raw on Monday night. A devastating 2-out-of-3 Falls Match loss to Andrade almost caused. The Ultimate Underdog to hang up his mask permanently, but an inspirational appeal from his son. Who wishes to team up with his father in WWE someday led Mysterio to change his thoughts.

Although many in the WWE Universe support the masked icon’s decision to continuing competing in WWE, his critics question if this decision was a wise one.No matter Mysterio is prepared for the next challenge when he returns to Monday Night Raw.

Monday Night Raw Interesting night for Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman

WWE Clash of Champions is definitely going to be an interesting night for Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman, that will defend their Raw Tag Team Titles against Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode before fighting each other over The Beastslayer’s Universal Championship.

That puts the pair in the extremely complicated place of needing to combat a team nobody knows much about. While having to feel out each other ahead of a fight for Raw’s greatest prize. For each guy to get what he desires will have a true screen of four-dimensional chess. Time will tell whose mind is all up to the job. Tune in to Raw, reside at 8/7 C Monday on

Watch WWE Raw Online 09-02-2019

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