Watch WWE Raw 5/9/22

Watch WWE Raw 5/9/22 – May Full Show Online HD:-

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* Backlash Fallouts.
* Promo: Edge, Priest & New Member of Judgement Day Rhea Ripley.
* What’s next for Cody Rhodes, Will his rivalry with Seth Continue or does he get a new storyline.
* Bobby Lashley Vs Omos Story Continues.
* Promo Leading To Match: RK_Bro. Will Drew McIntyre Appear in Raw again This week to join forces with RK_Bros.
* What’s next for AJ Styles, Will his fued with the Judgement Day Continue.
* What’s next for Finn Balor, Will he join forces with AJ Styles to go against The Judgement Day.
* More Cards.

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