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Watch WWE RAW 03-18-2019

There is a craze of wrestling matches all around the world. You might want to know about the platform which can show you the matches online. Here is the chance for you to Watch WWE RAW 03-18-2019. You are getting the chance to watch the matches online without any interruption with the high quality.

Watch WWE RAW 03-18-2019 Preview

It is obvious that the fan of the wrestling would be interested in the matches that can happen and what they can expect from it. Here are some of the predictions which you can expect from the upcoming event of WWE Raw 03-18-2019.

The return of the Beast before WrestleMania

A week after the Seth Rollins’ victory over the Brock Lesnar’s training partner, Shelton Benjamin, the Universal Champion has returned. With the red brand’s most prestigious award in the tow, it is difficult to predict what will happen when the beast and the beast slayer will meet under the same roof? Will Rollins be bringing the fight to the Lesnar three before their anticipated battle at the WrestleMania or not?

Kurt Angle will choose his opponent for WrestleMania

With the career of the Kurt Angle about to wind down, he embarks this year’s WrestleMania to be the final match. This week’s RAW is life from Chicago where he will be revealing his opponent for the climactic contest. Let’s see who will he takedown in the grandest stage of them all?

Seth Rollins Seeking retribution

A week after the assault on the Roman Reigns by Drew McIntyre and the brutalization of Dean Ambrose in Falls Count Anywhere Match. Seth Rollins is aiming to avenge his shield brothers by facing the Scottish Psychopath one-on-one.  Let’s see in the upcoming match who will be taking down whom.

Dana Brooke has the title opportunity against the Ronda Rousey

Seven days have passed since the Dana Brooke made a bold challenge to the Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey for her Raw title. Rousey was fined by the WWE on the Friday for her action which included the striking down a WWE official.

With the increase in the aggressiveness of the worst women in the world and the hipe of the Title clash between the Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair approaches. Dana might regret the step she has taken against the Ronda Rousey or not, for that Watch WWE Raw 03-18-2019 online.

Partner of Finn Balor against the Booby Lashley and Lio Rush

With the unexpected help from the Lio Rush, Bobby Lashley defeating the Finn this past Monday night to reclaim the International Championship. Now Balor will team up with the partner of his choosing. So let us Watch WWE Raw 03-18-2019 live online to check with whom it will tag up and what can you the outcome of the fight will be.

There are other things or matches are expected on a coming night. Here are those:

  • Beth Phoenix pondering for the in-ring return.
  • No. Hold. Barred. – the match against the Triple H and Batista.

Watch WWE Raw Live Streaming

The search for the website for free online matches is over. As you can watch WWE Raw 03-18-2019 live streaming without any problem regarding the payment or the quality. You will be getting the chance to watch the WWE Online matches without any hiccups or subscription problem. All you have to do is visit the platform during the time of live streaming.

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