Watch WWE RAW 05-13-2019

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Watch WWE RAW 05-13-2019

When you want to watch the wrestling then you have to pay for it or might not be able to watch it. On most of the platform, you are either you are paying or stuck with the advertisements. But you can get past all that if you want to Watch WWE RAW 05-13-2019 on this platform. There will not be any problem of subscription charges or advertisement on this platform. The only thing that you have to do is visit the links that have been provided.

Watch WWE RAW 05-13-2019 Preview

If you are interested in watching the WWE on this platform then you might be interested in the preview as well. Here are some things that you can expect in the coming event:

Seth Rollins and AJ styles will be able to fight for the monumental title collision

We thought that McMahon knew what he was doing when he ordered Seth Rollins to team up with the AJ Styles. As the tension boiled over Styles hit Rollins with a seemingly accidental phenomenal forearm. This left the Beastslayer vulnerable to the end of the day leaving other opponents to win.

Thanks to Wild card rule

There has been a surprise entry of Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, Lars Sullivan and Kofi Kingston on RAW. With the help of Wild Card Rule which allowed superstars from SmackDown to RAW on a given night and vice-versa. This has brought two WrestleMania rematches which is just the start. You will be able to watch all that on the WWE RAW 05-13-2019.

Becky Lynch fighting at two fronts

There has been a continuous increase in the tension among Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and lacy Evans. So when they fight at the Money in the Bank it will be interesting to watch who will be standing at last. Will the Man be able to beat them or not. All can be watched on WWE RAW.

Samoa Joe moving in on Rey Mysterio’s family

There was a huge tension at the backstage last Monday when Samoa Joe formally met the Mysterio’s son Dominick. When Dominick lifted the underdog over his shoulder after a Rey Mysterio’s non-title win over Samoan Submission Machine.

Joe has confirmed that there will be no such victory from here on. So how will Rey Mysterio react to this we will get to watch all that in the Money in the Bank event?

Braun Strowman taking out the trash

On the previous Monday night, Braun Strowman emerged to silence the Zayn at the Backstage. He threw Zayn to the dumpster that was carried away by a garbage truck. So now who will win the match when the two monsters are in the ring.

Watch WWE RAW Online

When you are a fan of WWE then you keep on looking for the platforms which can show you what you want. And that is obvious you are looking for a way which can show you the WWE RAW online. Well, you will be do all that and that also without wasting any money for subscription charges or watching the advertisements.

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