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Watch WWE RAW 04-08-2019

Finally, we were able to watch the WrestleMania 35 and it was as crazier as it was expected from it. But after this event, is the craziness is over in the WWE Universe. Well, we beg to differ, as you will be able to see that in the coming event. So watch WWE RAW 04-08-2019 and get to witness the crazier moments in the coming days.

You will be able to watch WWE RAW online on this platform without any kind of interruption that you might have to face on other platforms. If you think that it is over then you are wrong, as there is more action to come. You will be getting all that action live on this platform giving you the experience like you get on the official website. And the best part is that there is no need for you to pay any kind of money or subscribe to the channel to watch the matches.

Watch WWE RAW 04-08-2019 Preview

After the biggest event of the year, you might be thinking that what you can expect next. But there is no need for you to that, as here are some of the insight about the WWE RAW 04-08-2019 that you can expect to happen:

The man to bring the RAW and SmackDown Women’s title to RAW

The first ever WrestleMania Women’s main event was able to live up to the hype. In this match, something happened which was not expected by any of the WWE universe fans. In the triple threat match, Becky Lynch emerged victorious by beating the Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair. Now she will be bringing those titles to today’s event. Let’s Watch WWE RAW 04-08-2019 know what she has to say and how it will play out in the coming events.

Rollins slays the Beast

Seth Rollins was beaten up by the Broke Lesnar before the match which made impossible for him to even stand properly. But during the match, something unexpected happens and the Beastslayer was able to beat the beast. Now Seth Rollins is the new Universal champion.

Soon after the victory, the universal champion promised to fight the Champion. Let’s see if Rollins will be able to get the chance to prove it?

Big Dog reclaims his yard

Roman Reigns was able to shut the mouths of criticizers who thought that he will not be able to come back 100 percent after his fight with leukemia.  He was able to beat the Drew McIntyre in the brutal WrestleMania 35.

Now we must see how the Drew McIntyre will take this defeat. Will he be preparing to take revenge or not. For that, you have to Watch WWE RAW 04-08-2019.

Second Intercontinental Title for Bálor

Finn Bálor unleashed the demons when he defeated the Bobby Lashley and win the second Intercontinental Title. Now we have to wait to see what he has planned in the coming events.

The streak ends for the Curt Hawkins

Curt Hawkins’ was able to break his streak by winning the first match in the last 270 ones. Now that he was able to win the match since November 2016. We have to see if he will be able to continue his new streak or not, will it break quickly. We might get the answer to that tonight at the Brooklyn.

Watch WWE RAW online

On most of the website, you will be getting the option to watch WWE RAW online but this is not the case in reality. Either you end up paying the money for the live matches or you do not get the chance to watch at all. But on this platform, you are getting the opportunity to watch WWE RAW online free. So if you are a fan of WWE then you will be getting the chance to watch all the events without any money to pay in high quality. All you need to do is stay tuned when the matches happen.

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