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As WrestleMania is approaching the craziness in WWE is increasing as well and you do not want to miss that. For this, you might be searching for the option that can provide you the website from where you can watch WWE RAW 03-25-2019 online for free. Well, the search for this has been ended, as you can watch all the matches on this platform like you are watching on the official one.

WWE RAW 03-25-2019 Preview

With the mania about the wrestling fans do want to know about the coming event which can help them predict the coming matches. Here are some of the predictions about the WWE RAW 03-25-2019 for you:

Fight or Flight

This might seem a quite a while when Drew McIntyre claimed to single-handedly broken the Shield. But the Scottish Psychopath has now defeated two of the three Hounds of Justice. Now the Roman Reign is the only one who is left.

Roman Reign was in such a heap last week that he couldn’t make it. McIntyre is hoping to complete the trifecta and Reign has yet to address the challenge. Let’s see how the universal champion will react to the challenge will he fight by accepting the challenge after the fight from leukemia.

The Phoenix Saga

Beth Phoenix has offered to end her retirement and challenge the Boss’N’ Hug connection for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship at WrestleMania. But the picture of the title is not clear yet. Nia and Tamina are lurking around the edges and The IIconics has pinned the champs on the SmackDown LIVE even though the match was not official.

The Farewell Continues

As the Kurt Angle is about to retire, the RAW will be playing the host for him before he takes on Baron Corbin at the WrestleMania. The hero is not shy of testing his strength as he is tussling with the rising stars like Apollo Crews and Chad Gable. In the next match who will he be taking on as a final foe in Boston?

Family Affair

With the Ronda Rousey comment that she will be throwing the rulebook out in the final push to the WrestleMania, she did it. Ronda brought her husband to the ringside and he also didn’t hesitate to get involved in another scrum following the evisceration of Dana Brooke.  In fact, they even laid out the member of the security squad hired to prevent further incidents. Now that she will bring the civilians into the fray, there is no telling what will happen.

One “Giant” leap

Braun Strowman has become the first entrant into the sixth Andre the giant memorial Battle Royal this Monday. With the desire to beat anyone he lays his eyes on. The Andre is also open to taking on any participant who is interested in fighting, this will surely attract other superstars to throw their hats into the ring. Then again it is a bad idea of tussling with the angry Stroman might be risky for even the boldest of the team Res talents.

So do not miss the chance to watch WWE RAW 03-25-2019 online free on this platform. There will be no subscription charges, advertisements or low quality. You will be having the experience as if you are watching it live on the official website.

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