Wach ECB Elite Championship Boxing : Santoro vs Lam 9/11/21

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On June 19th Elite Championship Boxing is live on The main event of the evening will define the Undisputed King of the Featherweights and the WPBF Intercontinental Featherweight Champion
when Santoro faces off Lam. Who will come out on the top and become the Undisputed King?

# Main Event
Undisputed Canadian Featherweight Title and WPBF Intercontinental Featherweight Title Fight
Roxi Lam vs Carlietto Sicario Santoro

# Co-Main Event
Welterweight Canadian Title and the WPBF Intercontinental Welterweight Title
Raffaele Santoro vs Tony Biddy

# Welterweight
Carter Pawluk vs Christian Jensen

# Middleweight
Mathang Aroope vs Ricky Brule

# Welterweight
Louise Prieto vs Ajaak Dawaad

# Middleweight
Alex Reight vs TBA


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